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The incredible people behind

City Church Lloyd

Our Church is so young yet God has blessed us with so much already.


Pastor Lyle & Laura

Pastor Lyle & Laura are the cornerstone of City Church. They are such warm and loving people, and they make everyone in the Church feel like family.

Lead Team

Our City Church leadership team is a great bunch of men who were part of our Start-up.

L to R: Pastor Lyle Berg, Tracy Klotz,

Rory French, and Kirby Laumbach

lead team 2.jpg
city church lloydminster  (6).jpg


Erin Laumbach loves to be organized and that is what makes her a great administrator here at our church. From making sure our children's check-in services are running smooth, to creating our necessary documents, she does an incredible job.


Shawna & Amanda

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